Curriculum Vitae

You can find my CV, including a list of skills on VisualCV - a site that I can recommend quite a lot.
A smaller version of this can be found at my LinkenIn profile.



"[...]Not only does Jan have everything you need in a good software developer - he is precise and confident in his work yet open-minded and constructive in discussions, he has experience in many different fields and is well-read but doesn't take that as an excuse to stop reading and learning [...]
His team skills make him a great colleague but it's his strong personality and self-organization that make him stand out. I would not hesitate to hire him in a lead position or as a consultant, but I also wouldn't be surprised if the next time we meet it's him who offers me a job."
Lars Kokemohr, Head Of Engineering Department S4G School 4 Games GmbH


"Jan is a talented engineer, with an analytical mindset, and very result oriented. He's also a very helpful person always keen to provide support when needed or requested. It was a pleasure working with him in every aspect. Highly recommended."
Issam Ouardi, Senior Software Engineer


 "[...] Jan is passionate about writing code and solving problems through the development of creative and innovative software. He strives to make his programs as user friendly as possible, understanding that not everyone is an expert programmer. He will be greatly missed in Berlin and I would love to work for him anytime again."
Theresa Schlag, 3D Artist


"I worked with Jan in a couple of projects and he was always a very dedicated and capable programmer. [...]
His skill in laying out a clear path to his goals not only benefits his own work but also the work of his team mates.
[...]Always smiling, never complicated."
Philipp Dege, Concept Art/Illustration


 "I provided music and sound effects for a game by Jan's team. Jan is a patient, enthusiastic game developer, who was very open for my ideas. [...] I would love to work for him anytime again. "
Daniel Pharos, Game Composer / Sound Designer