Contract Work

Since quite a bit of my work so far - especially that made as a freelancer for other companies - was created under NDA and/or belongs to the company, I of course cannot provide full source of those works. Additionally, being mostly active in the technical details and doing backend development, it is hard to just point you at something "visible" to look at. After all, good backend development is noticeable by not being noticeable at all.


Open Source Work

Thankfully I also like to pick up programming as a hobby from time to time (mostly limited by available time, really) and then I usually work on open source software on GitHub or Bitbucket. Despite being unfinished for the most part*, I feel that they present my coding and documentation style rather well.
I won't pretend to write perfect code all of the time, that would be nonsense. You will find undocumented parts, and maybe even some bugs. But in total, I think that my code is usually written well, maintainable and readable.

So go ahead and have a look at my stuff on GitHub (most of it) or Bitbucket (just a few).